New Book: BE2a – A Definitive History

Written and Researched by Paul R Hare and Andrew Willox

One of the world’s most historically important aircraft is discussed in detail in this new reference covering all aspects of the type. Every operational B.E.2a in the world is described, especially those used in Australia, and there is prodigious photographic reference, plans and related material, including where to find current exhibits and related items.

This book is a must for the serious enthusiast and researcher and is the work of Paul R. Hare, the world’s leading authority on the Royal Aircraft Factory and its aircraft types, especially the B.E.2a.

Contributing to the text and the book design is Andrew Willox who researched and constructed the early-variant B.E.2a on display at the RAAF Museum. Other specialist contributors are also included.

This book sells for A$56 but is published in the UK and will shipped from there, so overseas postage and packing will be A$47. Profits from each sale will go directly to support the Friends of the RAAF Museum. 

If you'd like to order a copy please place your order below. Payment is by Credit Card, you will be charged in Australian Dollars.

With the postal system under increased stress due to Covid19 restrictions, your purchase may take some weeks to arrive -  but we're sure it will be worth the wait!

Book is 26 cm x 26 cm and contains 191 pages, colour throughout.

For information on how to order, please contact the President of the Friends.

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